Built in flaky shale, the mice of Shaleburrow use access to an underground spring and the cool underground stone to store perishable foods. They harvest many fruits and nuts using handmade shale tools. They also brew and ferment a variety of beverages. They make many of their structures and items from wood collected west of the burrow’s opening. Many mice families live here because of the abundance of food, the protective nature of the town and its proximity to Lockhaven.

A mouse in traditional Shaleburrow regalia

A mouse in traditional Shaleburrow regalia


Shaleburrow is a subterranean town built into shale.




Three mice act as the governing body: the female mouse most recently with child, the eldest male mouse and the mouse with the largest fruit harvest of last season.

Major Trades

Water, fruit harvest, stone tools, and food storage are the major trades of Shaleburrow.


Shaleburrow exports fermented beverages. The city relies on Ivydale for one-third of its grain needs.

Character Creation

  • Skills: Mason, Harvester, Miller
  • Traits: Open-Minded


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