Sandmason is a stone castle surrounded by ever-shifting dunes.

A mouse in traditional Sandmason regalia

A mouse in traditional Sand­mason regalia

The master masons of Shorestone built the castle structure as an extension of their domain. Due to the lack of shade outside the castle, the mice of Sandmason tend to sleep indoors while the sun is at its hottest. They venture outside when the sun has set and the breeze is cool. Thus you can often find them at their chores — harvesting, travel, etc. — at night. The mice of Burl and Mapleharbor think Sandmason mice to be odd as they often show up in the middle of the night to trade or travel.

The weather in Sandmason can be inhospitable. Sandstorms blow across the dunes. The mice of Sandmason often wear protective clothing over their muzzles to ward against the dust and grit.


Castle and town


The master masons who rule Shorestone appoint a mouse to oversee Sandmason until
they see fit to appoint new leadership. While technically Sandmason operates as a colony of Shorestone, the Shorestone mice otherwise let Sandmason operate autonomously.

Major Trades

All types of glasswork (panes, glass jars, etc.), masonry, metal foundry, food preservation and a large collective of scribes and archivists.


Sandmason obtains most of its food from Mapleharbor and Burl. Sandmason exports glass containers and bricks.

Character Creation

  • Skills: Dune-wise, Glazier
  • Traits: Nocturnal, Quiet


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