Tag: Kenzie's Patrol


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    Though victorious, the battle against [[:midnight | Midnight's]] rebellion in the fall cost the mice of [[Lockhaven | Lockhaven]] greatly, so that as winter drew on [[:gwendolyn | Gwendolyn]] was forced to send her best guard out on a dangerous mission to …

  • Kenzie

    Kenzie is a patient and calm patrol leader. As a veteran of [[Winter War | the Winter War]], he’s seen many adventures and hardships in his tenure. Kenzie is loyal and devoted to his best friend, [[:saxon | Saxon]]. Though they are of different …

  • Saxon

    Saxon is a fiery and stubborn mouse, famous in the Guard for his skill in battle. Although he had enough experience to be promoted to patrol leader, Saxon passed on the opportunity to remain in his friend [[:kenzie | Kenzie’s]] patrol.

  • Lieam

    Lieam was a young guardmouse who proved himself a determined fighter during the defense of Ferndale in [[Winter War | the Weasel War]] two years ago. Based on his service in the brutal fighting, [[:saxon | Saxon]] and [[:kenzie | Kenzie]] took him under …