Tag: Barkstone


  • Clarke

    Clarke is the owner of Clarke's Cartography in [[Barkstone | Barkstone]], and the producer of some of the most trusted maps in the territories. He was a support of [[:midnight | Midnight]], and offered his offices as a mustering point for Midnight's army. …

  • Bowen

    A one eyed potter who relocated to [[Barkstone | Barkstone]] after the fall of [[Ferndale | Ferndale]].

  • Carver

    A master craftsmouse in [[Barkstone | Barkstone]] who shapes wood both for purpose and decoration. His gruffness and abruptness has cost him few customers though, because of the quality of his work.

  • June

    June is the owner and operator of the June Alley Inn in [[Barkstone | Barkstone]], known as the most hospitable inn on the west end of the territories.

  • Kole the Miller

    Kole is a hard working peasant mouse who earns his keep processing the harvests in [[Barkstone | Barkstone]] & [[Elmoss | Elmoss]].

  • Vaughn

    Vaughn lost his leg defending his home of [[Woodruff's Grove | Woodruff's Grove]] in [[Winter War | the Winter War of 1149]] before it fell. In the years prior he was known for being eccentric. In the years since he has been known for crazy ideas and …

  • Wyatt

    Wyatt is a banker and weigher of goods for [[Barkstone | Barkstone]]. He is known for being a shrewed but fair business-mouse.