Bandit Leader

Raw AbilitiesRating Special AbilitiesRating
Mouse Nature4 Resources4
Will5 Circles4
  • Skills: Hunter 4, Fighter 4, Scout 5, Pathfinder 4, Manipulator 3
  • Traits: Clever (1), Driven (1), Leader (1)

Tuk is the most wanted mouse in Copperwood, Elmoss, and Sprucetuck. He is the leader of a band of outlaws that prowl the wilderness between those settlements known for robbing merchants and dispensing their goods freely to the poor. Tuk sees Copperwood as an oligarchy, Elmoss as crushed beneath the failures of its ancient aristocratic houses, Sprucetuck’s governor as a puppet, and all of them part of a system by which rich mice exploit the poor. Many poor mice in the region consider him a folk hero and offer him aid (secretly, of course). Many songs and stories are shared of his daring adventures.

Dain sees his outlawry as an affront to reason and rational rule. He was once sent to apprehend him, but failed. Baron was a member of his band for a time, and still considers him a friend.


Mouse Guard: What You Fight For Jason