Thurstan of Wolfpointe


Age: 14 Parents: Samm & Ivy
Home: Wolfpointe Senior: Abram the Laborer
Fur Color: Brown Mentor: Cale
Rank: Tenderpaw Enemy: Josephine
Cloak: None Friend: Loralai
Raw AbilitiesRating Special AbilitiesRating
Mouse Nature4 Resources1
Will2 Circles1
  • Belief: I must become the mouse worthy of Loralai’s love.
  • Instinct: Act first, think later.
  • Skills: Fighter 2, Hunter 2, Pathfinder 3, Scout 2, Persuader 2, Laborer 3, Brewer 3
  • Traits: Independent (1), Wolf’s Snout (2), Fat (1), Bold (1)
  • Gear: Axe, pack (for snacks), stein

Thurstan loves eating and drinking, but not as much as he loves a traveling bard named Loralai. He has a competitor for her attention, Josephine, and so far he has not had the better of it. In 1149, he and a group of other independent youths from Wolfpointe ran away. They made it to near Pebblebrook before the winter set in, and the weasels of Darkheather began launching their attacks into the Territories. Two patrols, returning from the defense of Pebblebrook in one of the first major battles of the Winter War, found a weasel warband as it was about to set upon the young mice. Cale and Autumn came to their defense, and of the runaways, Thurstan alone stood up to join them against the weasels. They all very nearly died that day.

When he returned home, his parents were even more concerned for their son than they had been, and resolved to send him to the Guard in the hope of straightening him out. His own experience that winter convinced Thurstan to accept this fate. He thought, too, of the legends of the Guard that Loralai would sing about, and how, asa guardmouse, he could become the mouse worthy of her love.

In Lockhaven, he was put to work by Abram. One day, he set Thurstan to an impossible task to see if he would keep working at it anyway. To his astonishment, Thurstan actually completed the work. Abram wrote a special commendation for him, presented to Gwendolyn herself. When he became a tenderpaw in winter 1152, he was assigned to the newest and youngest patrol leader in the Guard, Cale. He decided to test Thurstan that winter by going out with Autumn and leaving Thurstan the task of meeting them out in the field. He wanted to see how Thurstan would handle the situation when he ended up lost in the winter snow, and so was shocked when Thurstan showed up at the appointed time and place.

Thurstan of Wolfpointe

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