Shieldmouse of Lockhaven


After receiving a serious wound to his his left knee during the Winter War of 1149, his career as a patrol mouse was unfortunately cut short. This wound kept him at Lockhaven to act as Captain of Lockhaven’s defenses while monitoring the comings-and-goings of his fellow guardmice.

Rand relied on defense as his tactic for staying alive in the wild country. He would exhaust a predator by avoiding its attacks and then give it a fatal slice from the tip of his shield.

Rand was badly wounded during the Battle of Lockhaven in the fall of 1152. He was entrusted to Abigail’s care, but Abigail remained loyal to Midnight and used hemlock to poison him. This was discovered by Rand’s friends, Kenzie and Saxon. Thanks to the medicine they brought from Sprucetuck and their discovery of Abigail’s treachery, Rand made a full recovery and has returned to his duties.


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