Rebel Leader


Midnight was a guardmouse and a distinguished veteran of the Winter War of 1149, but became disillusioned with the efficacy of the Guard after the war. He served as Lockhaven’s blacksmith, during which time he discovered old records of the Black Axe and eventually found where the current Black Axe, Celanawe, had made his home. He stole the axe and used it to form a rebellion, committed to the idea of using the Axe to unify the territories beneath a single monarch — himself. He promised to bring peace and prosperity to the territories by uniting them beneath his sovereign rule, and his alone, and by waging war against all the animals that prey on mice. His message resonated through many of the settlements, including Barkstone, Shorestone, Appleloft, and Elmwood. He raised a significant army in Barkstone and proceeded to march on Lockhaven. There, he was defeated by Celanawe, Kenzie, and Saxon. Gwendolyn ordered him exiled beyond the scent border east of Wolfpointe.

It is terribly unlikely for a single mouse to survive long in the Wild Country, but Midnight was an accomplished guardmouse before his rebellion, so it is conceivable that he did so. His loyalists whisper that he survives, and even rules over a new city beyond the scent border, and that when the time is right he will return with a new army to wipe away the Guard and bring his promised reign to the territories at last.


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