Matriarch of the Mouse Guard

Raw AbilitiesRating Special AbilitiesRating
Mouse Nature4 Resources10
Will6 Circles6
  • Skills: Persuader 6, Orator 4, Administrator 5, Healer 4, Fighter 4, Militarist 4, Mouse Guard-wise 6, Patrol-wise 5, Town Problem-wise 4
  • Traits: Graceful (2), Compassionate (2), Determined (3), Wise (2)

Gwendolyn had only a few years’ experience as a patrol mouse when the matriarch died, naming her as her successor — the youngest in the history of the Guard. She did not hold the position for long before the Winter War of 1149, when Lord Rampaul of Darkheather began an invasion of the mouse territories, forcing Gwendolyn to become one of only a small number of matriarchs to ever declare war against another species. Several bloody battles were fought that winter, and several villages — most notably Woodruff’s Grove, Ferndale, and Walnutpeck — fell to the weasels. The Mouse Guard served as Gwendolyn’s elite force, and helped rally the towns to form a unified mouse army that eventually succeeded in defeating the weasels. However, Gwendolyn received a great deal of criticism for the high cost of that victory.

Out of that discontent, Midnight raised a rebellion against Gwendolyn and the Guard in the fall of 1152. Midnight was able to assemble a sizable army, march to Lockhaven, and lay siege to it. The rebellion was defeated and Midnight was captured and exiled into the Wild Country beyond the scent border, past Wolfpointe.


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