Patrol Leader

Age: 42 Parents: Caitlin & Finnegan
Home: Sandmason Senior: Roibin the Scribe
Fur Color: Dark Brown Mentor: Oriana
Rank: Patrol Leader Enemy: Clarke the Cartographer
Cloak: Dark Violet Friend: Lieth
Raw AbilitiesRating Special AbilitiesRating
Mouse Nature3 Resources5
Will5 Circles2
  • Belief: Anymouse can become a threat worse than a predator.
  • Instinct: Always remain hidden and observe.
  • Skills: Fighter 3, Archivist 3, Deceiver 2, Healer 4, Loremouse 2, Scout 4, Survivalist 3, Instructor 2, Dune-wise 2, Poison-wise 3, Scent Border-wise 2, Camouflage-wise 2
  • Traits: : Quiet (1), Leader (1), Suspicious (1)
  • Gear: Sword, knife, belt, cloak

Elymis is a quiet mouse and a skilled scout. He was a friend of Midnight’s before his rebellion. That betrayal made Elymis distrustful of others. He now sees the Guard as vulnerable to traitors, even a single disloyal mouse.

During the winter of 1152, Elymis led his patrol to the settlements of Darkwater, Lonepine, Burl, Sandmason and Mapleharbour to gather supplies.


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