Patrol Guard

Age: 39 Parents: Garey & Nancey
Home: Flintrust Senior: Maire the Baker
Fur Color: Warm gray Mentor:Fabron
Rank: Patrol Guard Enemy: Shane the Harvester
Cloak: Gray (fur) Friend: Rand
Raw AbilitiesRating Special AbilitiesRating
Mouse Nature5 Resources2
Will4 Circles3
  • Belief: A balance between aggression and defense is the
    solution for mouse autonomy.
  • Instinct: Always care for the mice in my patrol before caring
    for my own needs.
  • Skills: Weather Watcher 3, Healer 2, Deceiver 2, Baker 3, Survivalist 5, Cook 4, Fighter 3, Tool-wise 2, Shield-wise 2, Herb-wise 3
  • Traits: Determined (1), Generous (1), Jaded (1)
  • Gear: Sword, shield, belt, cloak

Delvin is a longtime friend of Rand’s and a fellow shield bearer. His generosity is well known throughout the mice of any patrol he has ever served in, and he often puts the needs of other mice in his party above his own. On patrols, he carries a thick, short sword and his trusty, decorated shield.

During the winter of 1152, Delvin’s patrol sent to gather supplies from the northern settlements of Elmwood, Whitepine, Dawnrock, Thistledown, and Wildseed. The following spring, Delvin and Bastian were sent by Gwendolyn to hunt down a snapping turtle near the settlement of Grasslake. While Bastian peppered the turtle with arrows, Delvin landed the killing blow with his sword.


Mouse Guard: What You Fight For Jason