Patrol Guard

Age: 33 Parents: Allyn & Maura
Home: Grasslake Senior: Kelwyn the Insectrist
Fur Color: Brown Mentor:Hunter
Rank: Patrol Guard Enemy: Goryn the Magistrate
Cloak: Deep Orange Friend: Timook the Fletcher
Raw AbilitiesRating Special AbilitiesRating
Mouse Nature3 Resources4
Will4 Circles4
  • Belief: Hunting predators improves the quality of life for mice
    in the Territories.
  • Instinct: Aim twice, fire once.
  • Skills: Militarist 2, Hunter 6, Insectrist 3, Persuader 2, Weather Watcher 2, Pathfinder 3, Scout 4, Turtle-wise 2, Archery-wise 2, Lake-wise 2
  • Traits: Nimble (1), Scarred (2)
  • Gear: Bow, quiver, arrows, sword, cloak

Bastian has been a patrol guard since 1138. His specialty is hunting predators. Unlike his fellow guardmice who tend to avoid them unless a conflict is necessary, this orange-cloaked mouse feels that killing beasts known to eat mice and prevent their settling in the territories makes life better for all mouse-kind. His determination earned him a few battle scars, but none serious enough to deter him yet.

During the winter of 1152, Bastian went with his patrol to the settlements of Elmwood, Whitepine, Dawnrock, Thistledown and Wildseed to gather supplies. The following spring, Bastian and Delvin were sent by Gwendolyn to hunt down a snapping turtle attacking the settlement of Grasslake. He peppered the turtle full of arrows so Delvin could slay it by slashing it across the throat.


Mouse Guard: What You Fight For Jason