Mouse Guard: What You Fight For

The Eastern Scent Border

Spring 1153

Gwendolyn tasks Cale’s patrol with fetching the scent mixture from Sprucetuck and taking it across the Territories to pour the eastern scent border, past Wolfpointe. They do so and manage to make good time, but nonetheless find evidence of a wolverine crossing into the Territories before them. They finish pouring the scent border and take some time to recover with Thurstan’s parents, Samm and Ivy, as they had pushed themselves so hard that they’d all become sick and tired. Cale and Thurstan managed to track down the wolverine and drive it back across the scent border, but noticed wounds upon it made by mouse weapons. From the age of the wounds and the tracks they’d previously found, Cale concluded that the wolverine had been driven into the Territories by mice. Meanwhile, in Wolfpointe, Autumn overheard some of the local mice wondering if they should kill Cale and his patrol, but his fellow urged him to have patience, for someday soon Lord Midnight would return from exile with the army he’s gathering in the Wild Country to wipe away the Guard forever and impose his new order. When the patrol reunited and shared their information, Cale decided to try to form a counter-resistance in Wolfpointe loyal to the Guard — but he approached the wrong mice…



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